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Algorithm Invest is a leading commercial  property investment company committed to helping you build a successful portfolio in the UK SSAS commercial property market.

We're SSAS commercial property sourcing agents with deep industry knowledge that leaves us best pace to offer the soundest advice and suggest the best investments. We use data-driven strategies to identify outstanding investment opportunities, tailored to your needs, budget and individual requirements. Our professional team is dedicated to providing a hands-off, end-to-end experience that enables you to focus on other priorities while your property portfolio thrives. If you're looking for SSAS Commercial Property Investments, you'll find them here.


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Our Process

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Receive a property email 

We send you an email containing detailed information about exclusive properties that have not yet hit market and which align with your investment goals.

Get in touch 

If you're interested, contact us, and we'll schedule a call to discuss the property's specifics. This will include yield figures, photos, and more.


Proceed with the purchase 

If you decide to move forward, your UK-based property sourcing agents will provide you with our terms of sale and an invoice for the finder's fee.

Complete the transaction 

After receiving your signed terms of sale and payment, we'll set up a call to disclose the full property details and then introduce you to the selling agent.

Finalise the deal 

The property is marked as Sold Subject to Contract (SSTC) and you'll proceed with the purchase process, as you would with any other property sale. We'll take a step back, letting you deal directly with the agent.




Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get priority with your deals?

Yes, as a valued client, you can join our VIP Investor Network, which grants you priority access to our exclusive property deals before they're shared with our broader client base.

Why do we charge a finder's fee?

Our finder's fee covers our commercial property sourcing agent’ costs. These include sourcing and vetting high-quality properties, conducting due diligence and providing personalised guidance throughout the investment process.

Can we help with furnishing and dressing of multi-let properties?

Yes, we can assist you with the furnishing and dressing of your multi-let properties to ensure they appeal to potential tenants and maximise rental income.

Can I view the property before paying a reservation fee?

Yes, you can view the property before paying the reservation fee. We encourage you to visit the property and its surrounding area, to ensure it aligns with your investment goals.

What if I don't like the look of the property or the area?

If you're not satisfied with the property or its location, our commercial property sourcing agents will continue to search for alternative investment opportunities that better suit your preferences and requirements.

What happens if I don't get any tenants?

Our team will work with you and the local management team to identify potential reasons for low tenant interest and recommend strategies to attract and retain high-quality tenants.

If I cannot get a mortgage, can I get a refund?

If you're unable to secure a mortgage for the property, we'll assess the situation on a case-by-case basis and discuss potential refund options with you.

What happens if the property falls through due to issues that arise from the survey?

If issues are discovered during the survey that cause the property purchase to fall through, our commercial property sourcing agents will work with you to identify alternative investment opportunities that meet your criteria.

I want to buy but be completely hands-off - can you take care of everything from conversation to furnishing?

Yes, our end-to-end service is designed to provide a completely hands-off experience, including handling all aspects of the property purchase, furnishing, and ongoing management.

Yes, our end-to-end service is designed to provide a completely hands-off experience, including handling all aspects of the property purchase, furnishing, and ongoing management.

We value our clients' long-term investment goals and can discuss potential discounts for clients looking to purchase multiple properties. Please contact us to discuss the details further.

Can you assist us with viewings should we choose to source our own properties?

Yes, our commercial property sourcing agents can provide support during property viewings for clients who choose to source their own properties, offering expert advice and guidance to ensure you make informed investment decisions.






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